Chatterbox - Student Book grade 4

Help your students find their voice in English! ChatterboxStudent Book 4 provides a rich array of activities to support learners as they continue their journey of communicating in English. Reviewing and building on vocabulary from Student Book 3 , Student Book 4 challenges students to examine their world outside the classroom through stories and projects that encourage them to apply their learning in meaningful contexts. 12 units include titles such as Eat Right, At My School and A Club for Everyone. Four projects include Teammates and Inventors and Their Inventions. Strategies for Learning English provides examples on the use of functional language: Asking for Clarification, Agreeing and Disagreeing and more. Discover all that Chatterbox has to offer to make English teaching and learning more fun!


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Éditeur : ERPI
ISBN : 9782761312448
No de produit : 1.2.2001
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