The Juvie Three

Gecko doesn’t want to go back to juvenile detention . . . and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure of that! Graham “Gecko” Fosse wasn’t actually doing the robbery . . . he didn’t even know it was going down. He was just the driver of the getaway car. But that doesn’t keep him out of juvenile detention – the worst place he’s ever been.So when do-gooder Douglas Healy shows up with a plan to put Gecko in a halfway house with two other young offenders, he jumps at the chance, even if it does mean he has to share a New York City apartment with Healy, 15-year-old killer Arjay Moran, and Terence Florian, who is always checking out the angles. The three of them have to stay in school, out of trouble and on the good side of hard-assed caseworker Ms. Vaughn, or it’s back to the slammer for them all. Which is easier said than done, since Terence seems bent on getting himself in trouble at any opportunity. . .If Gecko is out of jail, why does his life just seem to be getting worse?Bestselling author Gordon Korman uses his usual humor in The Juvie Three, but adds a suspenseful edge that will keep readers rooting for the boys right through to the end!!



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Parution : 27/12/2016
Éditeur : Scholastic Canada Ltd
ISBN : 9781443157469
No de produit : 8.986926
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