Sanctuary of the Shadow

LIMITED FIRST PRINT RUNâ??featuring spray-painted and stenciled edges, as well as gorgeously detailed map endpapers. This breathtaking first edition is only available for a limited time and while supplies last. Enter at your own risk—and discover the greatest show unearthed in this explosive, darkly imaginative debut fantasy… For humans, the circus is a place filled with wonder and amazement. For Harrow, though, it’s a place to hide from those who slaughtered her entire clan. Disguising her abilities as part of her act has kept her true identity safe for years. Until he arrives. A strange new attraction with no name, no memory of who—or even what—he is, let alone an explanation for his odd yet deadly powers. But beneath the layers of anger and isolation, one glimpse into his inky eyes reveals a soul that calls out to the loneliness in her own. And so she chooses him. Harrow is drawn to the darkness, to her insatiable need to soothe the beast who threatens their very existence. But with every secret she unlocks from his past, another from hers whispers free as well—luring enemies who will stop at nothing to get their final revenge on Harrow. And she’s afraid she’s given them the perfect weapon against her…because he’s not what he seems. But maybe it’s time they finally learn—neither is she.



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Collection : Elemental Emergence
Parution : 09/01/2024
Éditeur : Entangled Publishing LC
ISBN : 9781649374110
No de produit : 8.1007004
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