Can you win the usbc team trials 2013?

Test your bridge skills. Would you have made the team? In quiz format, this book presents bidding, declarer play and defensive problems taken from the deals that occurred during the final of the 2013 USBC Team Trials. Compare your solutions to the plays and bids actually made, and see how you would have scored if you had been playing. In-depth analysis of each deal is given. The analyses include discussion of several advanced topics such as counting combinations in defensive problems, third-level thinking, balancing in guessing situations, as well as some rare advanced play positions. This book will enhance your understanding of deductive processes, foreseeing possible end positions and applying math to real-world bridge problems. MATTHIAS FELMY (Oldenburg) is a German international player. His bridge successes include the European Schools Champioinships, three German national championships, wins in Austria's most important team and pair events as well as other high finishes in major tournaments across Europe.


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